Care Tips

Many people have different tips on how to care for succulents, so we're going to simply help you take care of both your Sistawood Succulent & Wooden Planter. 

Tip 1. To help prolong the life of the natural wooden planter, we recommend popping the inner succulent pot out of the wooden planter before spraying with water. 

Tip 2. Our wooden planters don't need a drainage hole, because if you're watering your plant that much that it is actually draining through the pot, it'll die of water overload. 

Tip 3. Don't Kill with kindness! You can tell a sad succulent when its leaves begin to droop.

Tip 4. Sunlight - Succulents thrive on sunlight.

Tip 5. Steer clear of strong scented products i.e.; perfume, candles, hairspray etc...