About Us


Sistawood is a quirky collaboration of design, wood & imagination created by two sisters, with a love for hand craft.

Our journey began over 4 years ago, in the small town of Nagambie, Victoria. Taking over the backyard shed with saw dust in our hair and wood shavings in our boots and a whole new appreciation for power tools, our brand began to evolve before our eyes.

Sistawood explores wooden homewares with pops of colour, geometric shapes, texture, and the

natural beauty and quality of timber. Each individual handmade piece is truly unique.

From the suspense of what the marble pattern will turn out like, to the excitement of revealing

finished products as the tape is softly removed from the wood. From the smiles of customers when they understand our 

brand name, to the men who wait patiently whilst their wifes stop and look, makes our journey more the reason to continue.

Happy Shopping!